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There are a lot of things to consider when deciding on a CCTV system for your business in Singapore.

A big decision that you have to make is whether you want a DVR or NVR system. Which video surveillance system is the best choice for your business? These two systems are quite different but are comparable choices.

You need to think about what the security needs that you have for your business. Once you have that, you need to decide on which system is the right one.

By reading on, you will learn what an NVR system is and why you need one.

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What is a NVR ?

NVR stands for network video recorder. It is a computer system that includes software for recording video. Also, NVR uses a computer network, rather than a direct connection to a tuner or video capture.

Types of Storage Available for IP Cameras

There are several options to store footage from an IP camera. However, the storage from NVR CCTV is still the preferred one.

NVR Storage

You can store footage with NVR internal SATA hard disk. Depending on NVR models, you can have up to 6TB per hard drive. With the huge NVR storage, you can centralize and store all the videos from multiple IP cameras.


If you have an existing NAS (Network Attached Storage), you can link up with the IP camera. Depending on the NAS features, you may need to buy surveillance license to add more cameras. The NAS setup with the IP cameras is complex and most suitable for IT savvy users.

SD Card

Uses an SD card, which has limited storage space. It is inserted into the office CCTV camera, storing data in a compact card. Most suitable if you need a short recording period.

Advantages of NVR over DVR

There are similarities between the two options, but there are some areas where the NVR shines.
Higher Quality Video

Higher Quality Video

Since NVR uses IP cameras, you get resolutions of up to 12MP or higher. This high resolution is a major benefit. You can even see license plate numbers and identify facial features.

Uses Computer Network

NVR systems use the network connection from the cameras to capture footage. It does not need to be directly connected to the NVR CCTV camera, making it more versatile. Flexibility can be important when placing your CCTV cameras at your business.

Fewer Electrical Points

You know how frustrating dealing with tangled wires that hang all over the place. For IP cameras with PoE (Power over Ethernet) features, you don’t need to add new electrical cables to power up. You save expensive cost on electrical works.

Uses the Same Bandwidth as a DVR

NVR recorder does not need Internet to record and save footage. Hence, NVR doesn’t use more internet bandwidth than a DVR. The NVR systems will consume bandwidth only when you access it remotely via phone.


As your business grows, as may your need for additional cameras. You get more flexibility with NVR recorder with IP cameras, allowing this system to grow as you need it.

Why You Need NVR?

It’s important that you get a reliable security system.
There are a few reasons as to why you need an NVR system.

The biggest reason is that you have more flexibility with camera placements. As long as the network can reach the camera, you can place it anywhere you want. You don’t have the limitations of wire length or deal with organizing wires.

You can also add cameras as needed, in case your business grows or if you need extra security in a specific area.

Moreover, you can get a clearer image to see the details. If you have a business that struggles with theft, you may need an NVR system in place.

You do not need to connect NVR systems directly to the IP cameras. You can use these anywhere without worrying, including attic or crawl spaces.

How Does NVR Work?

NVR systems are straightforward to use. They work by connecting to cameras on the network, even 3rd party cameras.

You will like this system as it allows for storage, playback, and live view in high resolution. It also has centralized management of the IP cameras. This management includes real-time information display, 2-way audio, and configuration.

The NVR system can have a lot of different features, allowing you to find something based on your needs.

NVR systems can be easily installed and easily managed, as long as you have good network speed in your space. You need a robust router to do remote viewing. With a strong network, you can have cameras where you need them the most, without struggling with

Typical NVR Camera Setup

When you record the digital footage, you save it to an SD memory card, USB drive, NAS or hard disk.
With the NVR, video is encoded and processed through the camera. From there, the NVR process the streamed video for remote viewing and storage.

4 channel system is an ideal choice for small businesses and retail stores. It allows for up to 4 IP cameras for usage.


8 channel system is similar to the .4 channel system, except it allows for 8 IP cameras. You use this setup for a larger location.


16 channel system is suitable for large office spaces, which require 16 IP cameras.

There is a choice between a router connected NVR or one with a built-in network.
SD card offers a few gigabytes of memory.
NAS (Network Attached Storage) means that you store data on a network connected device.
Allows you to stream and store any footage directly from your mobile devices.

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