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Door Access System Singapore

What is Door Access System?

Door access system or access control restricts any unauthorised personnel into a specific area using the security installed at the door.

A good door access control system provides a personalised level of safety and security. You have to program the door access to permit the people you want to gain access. For example, staff can access the main entrance, but not able to enter the VIP room. Your assets can be protected and monitored at all times and reduce theft.

In general, a door access reader works on the principle of electromagnetism. Our specialist places a magnet on both the door and door frame. Each time door access reader sees a match between its program and the person gaining access; the two magnets release the door. On the other hand, the two magnets stay firmly together to close the door during an unmatch.

Types of Door Access Readers

Depending on your needs, we have different door access control systems suitable for office and industrial fronts. Here are the following types of door access readers you can consider.

Keypad Reader

A keypad reader allows both keycard and pin to gain access. A keycard contains a chip that you can program to allow entry access.

When you tap the keycard on the reader, the door opens for you if there’s a match. Likewise, if the keycard you provided with doesn’t have a record on the system, the doors shall remain closed.

Fingerprint Reader

As anyone can misplace or pass the keycard to another person, it’s easy for unauthorised personnel to gain entry. Also, it’s troublesome to bring a keycard to work every day. The keycard may sometimes conflict with your EZLink card when you place them together.

To ease convenience and tighten security, you may consider a fingerprint door access system reader. Whenever a person places a specific finger over the reader, it scans the fingerprint and runs it against the stored sample. If the fingerprint matches the reader, the door opens. Otherwise, the door remains closed.

Face Recognition Reader

A face recognition door access system is another biometric reader. It has advantages over fingerprint reader. Unlike a fingerprint reader, there’s no body contact with the facial reader. Hence, you won’t dirty the facial reader with our sweaty, wet or dirty fingers. Also, it’s easier to maintain the facial reader as you can clean the camera lens even with a tissue paper.

First, you need to do a facial scan with the reader. It takes a multi-dimensional scan of your face and stores a specific algorithm for your profile. Next, you stand before the CCTV camera to gain access to the premise.

Card Reader

Unlike a keypad reader, card access door lock system scan and read from a card only to gain access. Card reader does not have a pin feature if you forgot to bring your card. This type of reader is most suitable in a harsh environment with a high degree of vandal resistance, providing reliable performance. It also has lower power consumption and cost. It is ideal for installations incorporating parking control and long read range applications.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems allow your receptionist to speak to the visitor outside the office through the intercom answering station. Once the receptionist verifies the visitor, she can press the door release button from her phone that is connected to a PABX system. In this way, you can unlock the magnetic door lock to allow the visitor entry into the office.

Benefits of Door Access System

There are several benefits of using door access:

Fast Installation

Installation of the access control is a seamless process whereby the whole job takes less than a day.


A convenient keyless approach to gain access to a premise.

Reduce Theft

Reduce employee theft and keep your office environment safe.

Monitor Movements

24/7 monitor movement easily with proper time in and out.


Allow shift work hours without the need to assign staff to hold on to physical keys.

How to Determine the Right Door Access ?

There is much consideration to settle with the right type of door access. Here’s a list of factors for you to think about:
Secure level for your office or home.
Number of doors you need for access control
Number of people entering the premises
The budget for the door access installation
Convenient preference.
Environment condition where you intend to place the door access.

Different Scenarios for Door Access

There can be practical scenarios addressing the very needs of the door access systems you need.

Unexpected Emergency

If you still depend on your admin staff or boss to open and close the office door every day, you’ve to think again. Even the most reliable keyholder can be absent or late due to an unexpected morning traffic jam or emergency leave. It’s time to be more productive and install proper door access. In this way, your business can start work on time without having to wait for the key holder to open the door.

Work Late

Sometimes you’ve to stay back late to rush for a tender. With door access in place, you have the freedom to work late or come back to retrieve an important document. In this way, your keyholder does not need to wait for you to close the office.

Different Working Hours

The monitoring of staff attendances can be a hard and tiresome process especially if you have many outstations. You can generate attendance reports for your HR department easily. This report saves time and reduces any misunderstanding.

Notorious Employee

When a new hire or leaving staff turns sour, you can block them from entering with immediate effect. If you opt for keyless door access, there’s no need to do proper handover of keys.

The Process of Our Door Access Installation

We are systematic when it comes to the installation of the door access. Here are the steps we take for proper and functional installation;

An onsite survey of the whole place by our specialist team before installing door access.
After we complete the analysis of the physical condition of your door and gather your requirements, we provide you with a quote to proceed.
We arrange for an installation date once we receive your confirmed quote and payment.
During the installation, we assure you a minimum disturbance to your staff and neighbours.

Our door specialist gives you a demo and teaches you to use the door access system.

Give us a call if you need your office correctly secured with door access system and CCTV camera, our experts will be with you right away.

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