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Door Access System Singapore

Are You Facing These Security Challenges?

Today’s business environment demands advanced solutions for complex security challenges.

Here’s how we address common concerns:


Do you worry about unauthorized access to your premises?


Are lost keys or forgotten access cards a frequent issue?


Is managing a growing number of employee access profiles overwhelming?


Does your current security system lack the integration you need for full control?


Are you concerned about the reliability of your current door lock system?

But what if there was a solution that could seamlessly address these concerns?

Introducing Door Access Systems for Your Office

Discover a range of cutting-edge door access system for office, designed to elevate security and convenience across your premises.
keypad based systems

Keypad Reader

Secure entry with customizable PIN codes through our keypad access control system, adding an extra layer of security and convenience.

card based systems

Card Access System

Card access system in Singapore offer flexible and convenient entry management, compatible with various types of proximity cards, including Mifare card, EM card, and HID card.

Fingerprint Recognition

Our fingerprint technology ensures that only authorized personnel can gain entry, providing a secure and keyless solution.

Face Recognition Reader

Leverage facial recognition for secure, contactless entry. This fast and hygienic method ensures that access is as effortless as a glance.

Intercom Systems

Our audio and video intercom systems enhance your security by allowing you to verify and grant access, ensuring only welcome visitors enter your space.

Time Attendance System

Our door access system integrates with time attendance system, streamlining employee attendance tracking. It allows for data export to Excel software. This feature saves time and enhances accuracy.

mobile access control

Mobile Access Control

Unlock doors with just a mobile phone using technologies like Bluetooth, NFC and QR code. Our mobile access control system integrates seamlessly with existing management systems, ensuring hassle-free entry and top-notch security.

Benefits of Door Access Control System in Singapore

Experience the advantages of door access systems bring to your business’s security strategy.

Enhanced Security

Biometric access and advanced authentication methods ensure that only authorized individuals can enter your premises.

icon: easy management

Easy Management

Our access controller allow for easy management of access rights, from anywhere, at any time, providing full control over who enters your property.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with existing CCTV and alarm systems for a comprehensive security solution that meets all your needs.

How We Work

Discover our straightforward approach to enhancing your security with our door access control systems, based on your needs and budget.

icon: consultation


We begin with an on-site survey to fully grasp your unique needs and security challenges. This approach guarantees we recommend the most fitting door access control system for your business, whether it’s for multi-door or single door setups.

icon: installation


After your approval, we’ll set an installation date. Our efficient process involves carefully integrating cable, batteries, and readers, ensuring a swift setup with minimal impact on your operations.

icon: maintenance and support

Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing support for door access models we have installed for 12 months. Support is chargeable in cases of user fault. Additionally, we select models that are typically used and with which we are familiar, ensuring your system remains up-to-date and operational.

Why Choose Us?

Choose us for a right door access control system that understands and meets your security needs. Here’s why:


Tailored Solutions

We customize your security setup to meet your specific requirements and budget.


Latest Technology

From biometric readers to mobile access, we use the latest in security technology.


Dedicated Support

Our dedicated team is here to offer unmatched service and support.

Take the Next Step in Security

Upgrade to a smarter, safer way to manage access to your premises.

Contact us today to discover how our door access systems in Singapore can transform your security strategy.

Whether you’re looking to install a new standalone system or require maintenance on an existing setup, and we’ll customize our services to fit your needs.

Partner with us for a secure, efficient future.

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What is a door access control system?

A door access control system is a security solution that manages and controls who has the ability to unlock the door and enter a specific area or building.

It can range from basic door access system with pin access to advanced setups using biometrics and card access systems. Such systems ensure a higher level of security by granting access to certain areas through electronic authentication.

What is the difference between door entry and access control?
Door entry systems, often involving audio intercoms or door access readers, are primarily focused on allowing entry into a building or property.

Access control, however, encompasses a broader range of security, including monitoring and managing access to multiple doors or areas within a building.

Access control management systems can offer effective management of both entry and movement within a space, providing a comprehensive security solution.

What is the best type of access control?

The best type of access control system depends on your specific needs. For a single door or a standalone door access requirement, a simple standalone system might be ideal.

For larger premises requiring higher security, systems that use biometrics, like fingerprint or palm recognition, or advanced card access systems are recommended.

Ultimately, the type of system you choose should align with your security requirements, the level of security desired, and the system’s ability to integrate with other security measures like CCTV.

What is the most secure method of access control?

The most secure method of access control often involves biometric authentication, which includes fingerprint, facial, and palm recognition technologies.

These methods provide unique, non-transferable identifiers for each user, making them highly secure.

For environments requiring the utmost security, combining biometric methods with card access systems and pin access can create a multi-factor authentication system that significantly enhances security.

What is the simplest form of access control?

The simplest form of access control is typically a standalone door access system that operates on a single door.

These systems often use keypads with card pin access or simple standalone cards for entry, requiring minimal setup and maintenance. They are easy to install and ideal for small businesses or single-entry points.

How Door Access Protect Your Office?
Door access systems keep your office safe using a simple but effective method involving two metal pieces. When the door is locked, it activates an electromagnetic force that makes these two metals act like magnets, sticking tightly to each other and ensuring the door remains securely closed.

But when someone authorized tries to enter, the system stops the electromagnetic action, so the metals no longer stick together, and the door opens easily for them. In this way, visitors are granted access.