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Door Access System Singapore

Types of Office Door Access System in Singapore

Depending on your needs, we have wide range of door access control systems suitable for office, industrial and building. These range from simple card to advanced biometric door access system. Here are the following types of door access readers you can consider.

Keypad Reader

A keypad reader allows both keycard and pin code to gain access. A keycard contains a chip that you can program to allow entry access.

When you tap the keycard on the reader, the door opens for you if there’s a match. Likewise, if the keycard you provided with doesn’t have a record on the system, the doors shall remain closed.

Fingerprint Reader

A fingerprint reader is a highly secure access system. It eliminates the need for access cards, which can be lost or misplaced. Instead, users gain access by placing their finger on the reader.

The system scans the fingerprint and compares it to stored data. If there’s a match, the door unlocks; if not, it remains locked.

Face Recognition Reader

Face recognition access systems are convenient and hygienic. They don’t require physical contact like fingerprint systems. A quick facial scan is all it takes to verify your identity and grant access. Cleaning is easy—just wipe the camera lens.

The system stores a unique facial algorithm for each user, making it a secure and contactless option.

Card Reader

Card readers offer straightforward access using proximity cards. These cards are efficient and durable. If you forget your card, however, there’s no pin code backup.

This type of system is ideal for harsh environments, with low power consumption and various card types like Mifare, HID, and EM cards.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems, whether standalone or part of a multi-door setup, provide a communication link between your receptionist and visitors. Once verified, the receptionist can remotely unlock the door.

Modern intercoms may include audio and video features for enhanced security, allowing visual verification of visitors before granting access.

Benefits of Door Access System

There are several benefits of using door access:

Fast Installation

Access control installs in under a day, a seamless process.


A convenient keyless approach to gain access to a premise.

Reduce Theft

Reduce employee theft and keep your office environment safe.

Monitor Movements

Monitor movements 24/7 with time attendance system that tracks every entry and exit.


Allow shift work hours without the need to assign staff to hold on to physical keys.

How to Determine the Right Door Access Control System in Singapore ?

There is much consideration to settle with the right type of door access. Here’s a list of factors for you to think about:
Secure level for your office or home.
Number of doors you need for access control
Number of people entering the premises
The budget for the door access installation
Convenient preference.
Environment condition where you intend to place the door access.

Different Scenarios for Door Access

There can be practical scenarios addressing the very needs of the door access systems you need.

Notorious Employee

A door access system grants instant control over problematic employees. It simplifies handling issues with new hires or departing staff, allowing you to swiftly block their access, without the need for physical key handovers.

Work Late

Working late or returning to retrieve important documents is made easier with door access. You have the freedom to manage your own schedule, eliminating the need for a keyholder to wait for you to close the office.

Different Working Hours

Monitoring staff attendance, especially for offsite employees, can be challenging. Door access systems simplify this process by generating attendance reports for your HR department. This saves time and reduces misunderstandings.

Unexpected Emergencies

Relying on a single keyholder for daily office access can lead to delays. Unforeseen issues like traffic or emergencies can disrupt their punctuality. A proper door access system ensures timely business operations, removing the dependence on one individual.

The Process of Our Door Access Installation

At Entrycare, we are systematic when it comes to the installation of the door access. Here are the steps we take for proper and functional installation:

An onsite survey of the whole place by our specialist team before installing door access.
After we complete the analysis of the physical condition of your door and gather your requirements, we provide you with a quote to proceed.
We arrange for an installation date once we receive your confirmed quote and payment.
During the installation of cable and devices, we assure you a minimum disturbance to your staff and neighbours.

Our door specialist gives you a demo and teaches you to use the door access system.

Give us a call if you need your office correctly secured with door access system, our experts will be with you right away.

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