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Do you

… sometimes WONDER if your parents or sick family member is doing okay at home?

… got ZERO video evidence if something goes wrong at the most unexpected time?

… have young kids ALONE with your maid at home?

… THINK about whether your kids are back home safely from school?

With our proven CCTV for home solutions, you can have a peaceful mind. Even when you’re going overseas or when something goes wrong.

You get to see the benefits of deploying a security camera for home and what you should not do with a CCTV.

CCTV for Home Singapore

Site Survey Process Before Installing

CCTV for Home

We need to take care of the following so that no issues arise during the CCTV for home installation.

First is the camera focus area. You have to decide which area of the house you want to cover. And which area would be redundant. This way there would be no confusion while fitting the cameras.

Next, we need an area to place the video recorder and cable endpoints. This area has at least one electrical point direct from your wall.

Finally, we brief you on how we run through the cables from the cameras to the video recorder area. We understand you do not want the trunking to destroy your beautiful home decor. Be assured that we would reduce or hide the trunking on best effort basis.

Finally, once you confirm the installation process, we’re ready to start.

View Your Home CCTV From The Mobile

A web or application is a must for accessing the CCTV back at your place remotely. Using your mobile, you can easily access the video feed or tweak any settings on the go. Moreover, you have access to useful features. Example, traffic statistics, alarm and screen shot. 

cctv camera mobile app

Step 1

Click camera app on your mobile
cctv video footage view from mobile

Step 2

You can view one or up to 16 footages



Why Do You Need a CCTV For Home?

You would see a CCTV camera situated in almost every home these days. There is a host of advantages of installing a CCTV system at your house. Following are some of the most important ones.
elderly or sick family member

Monitoring of Elderly or Sick Members

Another situation where a CCTV helps when you need to take care of an elderly or sick family member of the household. These family members demand immense attention and thorough observation.

bad guy visiting your house

Keeping Track of the Visitors

As the CCTV is recording your household 24×7, it can serve as a journal of the visitors that ever came to your home. It would come in handy in case some mishap happens.


Collecting Evidence

Having a CCTV does pay dividends if any unfortunate incident ever takes place. In case some unlawful event occurs, a CCTV recording together with door access system, would help the law enforcers.

toddler girl

Monitoring the Kids

A CCTV camera can prove to be of immense relief if you stay out of the home for most of the time. It can help you keep an eye over both your kids and the maid’s activity. With the rise in the children abuse incidents in recent years, a CCTV can lessen the parents’ tension.

Should You Install Home CCTV Yourself ?

If you’re well versed with cameras and installing one basic CCTV camera, it’s fine. You should do it yourself. 

However, the job can get tricky once you need more than one camera and requires ceiling mounting. You would need to lay cables as well. So, it would be best if you get a CCTV professional to install all the cameras and channel the cables properly.

The skilled professional can complete the task as they have the right tools.

girl thinking to get pro or diy to install cctv for home

What You Should Not Do With Your CCTV for Home

Although you might already have an idea of what to do and what not to, it’s still a good idea to remind you the don’ts.


Never put the camera in a private area of your house such as a washroom or bedroom. This act could constitute an outrage of modesty. (source)


Don’t put a camera outside of your house unless you have prior approval from the authority. (source)

A permit can only be valid for a period not exceeding six months.

How To Choose The Right CCTV For Home?

Choosing the right CCTV home package can be a daunting task as you have to keep in a lot of factors in your mind.


Video Resolution

The video resolution dictates how much detail you can get in your recorded video. It gives you the number of pixels horizontally by the number of pixels vertically. Bigger the number, the better the picture you’d get. But, the higher resolution also means that it needs more space to store the video.


Another important feature that demands your attention is the storage option. Most of the low to medium-grade cameras feature SD card support. While having an SD card slot might make it more mobile, it has smaller memory space and usage value.

Type of Camera

CCTVs are of many kinds. Depending on the kind of environment, you can classify CCTV into two types. The indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. Depending on where you want to mount the camera, you can choose either dome or bullet shape camera. 

Unique Requirements

You can opt for a camera that is suited for a specific type of work. Say you want to cover the dark doorway. You might consider a IP camera that has a low minimum illumination level and night vision. Additional features include activity zone selection or face recognition hand. These features are more power and versatility than a standard, low-end CCTV.

laptop showing four cctv for home

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