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Types of Hikvision camera

As you can expect, the Hikvision cameras come in many shapes and sizes. You can classify them either an indoor camera or an outdoor camera.

There are wired cameras and wireless cameras. Hikivison also produces bullet cameras and dome cameras. Each one has its pros and cons.

Indoor Camera

An indoor camera, as the name suggests, is best suited for indoor situations. For example, surveillance of a shop or office. These cameras can be wired or wireless, and work optimally when fitting inside a building.

Outdoor Camera

An outdoor camera has better tolerance of high temperature and waterproof protection. You might want to go with an outdoor camera for keeping an eye over public places — for example, parking lot or the warehouse surrounding.

Dome Camera

Dome cameras can be identified easily with their dome-shaped design. It’s a popular type of a CCTV camera. You can see them everywhere – in malls, restaurants and an office. Those with spanning feature, you can’t tell if the camera is facing is looking at you. Thanks to their unique opaque dome-shaped casing. 

Bullet Camera

A bullet camera, in contrast to a dome camera, is much less discreet and anonymous. You can easily spot bullet cameras from their unique bullet-shaped body, which makes them perfect for capturing relatively longer distance shots. Depending on the casing used, the bullet camera protects itself from corrosion and even explosion.

Why Hikvision Camera?

Here’s 5 reasons why Hikvision camera is preferred

Industry grade

Since 2001, this Chinese giant has been producing video surveillance equipment products. They specialise in providing all kinds of industry grade security equipment. For example, high-end IP cameras, NVR and DVRs and compression cards.


Quality alone can seldom seal the deal. Since day one, Hikvision aims to produce a quality product at an affordable price. They manage to increase their market share with this strategy. Now, Hikvision also offers some top-shelf products that demand the top dollar.


Hikvision ensures that you can continue to use the same security system even if you need to scale out. Whether your business premise needs more cameras or better access control, you can scale.

Ease of Use

The best thing about a Hikvision product is that they are easy to use. Whether you’re tech-savvy or a beginner, you would find their products user-friendly.


Unlike other inferior surveillance products, Hikvision camera is durable. They can last and work reliably for years.

A Quick Summary of how

Hikvison Cameras Work?

A Digital Video Recorder, or DVR in short, is the central hub of the camera system. For an analogue security system, the cameras record and send the feedback to the DVR.

The video gets convert and save in a storage device (a hard disk, in general). The number of the channel refers to the maximum number of cameras that can be attached to it.

In the case of an IP surveillance system, an NVR (Network Video Recorder) takes the place of the DVR. Unlike a DVR, though, it’s not necessarily a piece of hardware. As an IP camera transmits a digital signal back to the NVR, it saves the video in storage (cloud or local).

How is Hikvision Camera used in Different Industries?

You can spot a Hikvision camera. Thanks to their reliable and inexpensive security solutions. Here are some of the scenarios where you’re sure to find equipment made by this global giant.

Retail Store

As different people enter your shop every day, it’s crucial to track any shoplifters. Moreover, a camera monitors the employees and keeps track of the financial transactions.


You can not only prevent unlawful events by having a camera but also deter any unwanted or accidental event (such as a fire).


A security camera from Hikvision might be the ultimate tool for your restaurant. Keeping a close eye on any the decency of the employees is an essential part of the success of any client-facing business.

Mall & Shopping Complex

Security cameras are must for stopping indecent acts like shoplifting and theft.


Educational institutes can monitor and track the actions of both the visitors and the students with the help of a security system.


To prevent criminal activities and theft, security cameras are a must in a warehouse.

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