Fingerprint Attendance System

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Fingerprint Attendance System

What is Fingerprint Attendance System?

Fingerprint attendance system restricts any unauthorised personnel into a specific area using fingerprint as a form of authentication.

This setup adds another layer of security to your existing door. Also, the reader can help you control who can access to an area. It allows you to see who has been accessing certain parts of your facility and at what time.

Magnetic Door Mechanism

In general, the thumbprint time attendance system checks your fingerprint with its records stored at the reader. If your fingerprint tally with the database, the reader informs the door mechanism to open the door.

The door mechanism is either using magnets or sensor method. If your fingerprint does not tally, the door remains locked.

For standard doors, engineers use magnets method to install the door mechanism.  There is a magnet on the door and another on the door frame. When closed, these magnets will continue to attract each other, preventing the door from opening. However, when an authorised person wants to gain access, the magnetic force will be loosened, and the door shall open.

Benefits of Fingerprint Attendance System

There are several benefits of using fingerprint attendance system:

Fast Installation

Fast installation of a fingerprint reader. It takes less than a day.

No Card

A convenient cardless approach to enter into an area.

Additional Security

Serves as an additional security layer on your existing door.

Mark Attendance

Mark staff attendance with precision time in and time out.


Allow weekend or odd hours work without the need to assign staff to hold on to physical keys.

Easy Maintenance

It’s easy to maintain a fingerprint reader. Clean it with a wet tissue on the glass, followed by a dry tissue.

Fingerprint Attendance System Software Report

To access the reader dashboard, type in the IP address from any Internet browser. In the dashboard, you can setup users and read the reports for attendance. You can also query a particular user and export the data out. Here’s how a typical fingerprint attendance system software report looks like.

Access log of a fingerprint reader
Query and export of a specific user
Export data in Excel format. You can use the raw data to link with other software.

Where to Place the Fingerprint Attendance System?

There is much consideration on where to mount the fingerprint attendance system. Here’s a list of factors for you to think about.

Should you mount the reader outside your main door or after you enter the main entrance? It depends on your primary purpose.

If you need it only to mark staff attendance, you can place it after the main door. This way is suitable for small business that prefers to lock the main door using a physical lock manually. 

On the other hand, if your primary focus is to secure your office and attendance is secondary, you should place the reader outside your main door. To further secure your office, you can consider using a number padlock to lock your main door too. In this way, your staff can still enter the office without having to wait for the key holder to open the door. 

Considerations for Fingerprint Attendance System

Here’s some factors to consider before installing a fingerprint attendance capture system.


Thumbprint time attendance system works great if your office and surrounding environment is a clean one. On the other hand, the reader deteriorates faster if you place it outdoor or dusty environment.

Business Nature

If your business nature involves manual labour task, there is a tendency that your staff may have dirty fingers. The fingerprint reader may not be suitable as its sensor may not be able to detect accurately.

Card & Keypad

A fingerprint reader usually includes card and keypad access features too. You need to plan more on the security access for different groups of people. Example, you give card access for temp staff and keypad for boss.

Finger Type

In most cases, fingerprint reader detects pretty accurately. However, the reader has a harder time to detect sweaty fingers or thin skin with faint fingerprint. In such cases, you can give card access for the specific staff.

The Process of Our Fingerprint Attendance System Installation

We are systematic when it comes to the installation of the fingerprint attendance system. Here are the steps we take for proper and functional installation;

Our presales need to conduct an onsite survey of your door area and its surrounding.
We provide you with a quote after the site survey and gathering your requirements.
Once we receive your confirmed quote and payment, we arrange for an installation date.
During the installation, we assure you a minimum disturbance to your staff and neighbours.

Our door specialist gives you a demo and teaches you to use the fingerprint reader.

Consider installing a fingerprint attendance system in your workplace today. It’s time to improve your security and efficiency.

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