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What is a PABX ?

A Private Automatic Branch Exchange, better known as a PABX system, is a newer kind of switching system that connects different communication devices such as a telephone, fax machine, answering machine or intercom. This system makes it possible to place calls to the extensions free of cost. With a PABX install at your office, it handles all the switching task with the help of automated devices.

A PABX, in contrast to a PBX (the Private Branch Exchange – the predecessor of the PABX), doesn’t need a live operator that was indispensable to complete the circuit to connect the call to the proper device. As technology advanced, newer electronic and automatic components

Types of a PABX Phone System

You can classify a PABX system into three broad sections according to their working principle and the location. First the classic and traditional PABX system, the newer and, by far the most popular, IP PABX system and the convenient Cloud-based (or hosted or virtual) system.

Traditional PABX system

The traditional system connects the callers to the extensions via only a handful phone line. These phone lines are typically analog along with the ISDN trunks connecting to the PABX system. Most of the latest PABX systems now support the VoIP calling and hence save up on the cost.

The KX-TES824 analog Panasonic PBX system is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a purely analog system, and it’s capable of connecting seamlessly with any KX-T7700 series phone (KX-T7750, KX-T7720, KX-T7730, and KX-T7735).

IP PABX system

The On-Site IP PABX system (or the VoIP system, in short) is the newer and modified version of the classic PABX system. It utilises the existing internal network – the internet, to be specific, to connect to the extensions. As the internet became more reliable and less pricey over the years, the VoIP systems like NEC PABX system SL2100 got much more stable, deliver better audio and visuals and, most importantly, became less costly.

Once again, Panasonic offers several different IP PABX systems for the medium or large scale businesses. The KX-NS Series business grade servers come with features like One-look Networking and Smart IP Migration and work flawlessly with the KX-NT500 series IP phones. KX-TDA series PBXs are, on the other hand, hybrid solutions that are compatible with the KX-DT500 series models (KX-DT521, KX-DT543 and KX-DT546).

Cloud-based PABX system

The cloud-based phone system is gaining popularity among the small and medium businesses day by day. A hosted PBX system is operated and maintained in an offsite location, and the businesses pay to take benefit of the service.

Why Do You Need a PABX Phone System?

Here are the reasons to get a PABX before you decide to invest in this machine.
PABX Phone System Connect Multiple Phone Lines

Allows Multiple Lines

Any telephone that is connected to an internal line on a PBX or a Centrex system is known as a telephone extension. This plan allows multiple lines inside the office premise to connect without needing separate outside lines.
PABX Phone Links To Door

Connect to Door

It’s used extensively in the door access interfaces. Whenever a person is needed to walk into the building, they can use the phone system to contact the security department to let them in.
Call Divert Using PABX Phone System

Call diverting

Call diverting can prove to be essential in case an important meeting is underway, but you don’t want to miss the calls at the same time. In this scenario, the user can opt to ‘divert’ their incoming calls to some other telephone, or even better – a voicemail.
Auto Route Using PABX Phone Systems

Autoroute Selection

Autoroute selection can direct calls to certain types of lines by sensing the type of call (e.g., a long distance call matches with a specific line).
Call Conferencing With PABX Phone

Call conferencing

Call conferencing lets two or more participants to have a group chat without paying hefty fees to the service provider.
Auto Fax With PABX Phone Systems

Auto fax detection

Auto fax detection is another useful feature that eliminates the need for a dedicated fax line. It can redirect faxes automatically and hence saves money.

Trend of PABX Phone

Here are two of the most prominent trends of PABX phone systems.
Girl Using a Business Phone to Communicate
First, the hosted PABX system is gaining more and more ground. Although many medium and some large enterprises have decided to go for it, it still is mostly filled with small scale businesses. You pay for what you use, no strings attached.

And second, with the 5G technology picking up the speed (literally, it’s said to be nearly 10x faster than the 4G!), the number of VoIP enabled systems has been soaring for the past few years. We have come into the realm of the HD voice now; visuals are even crisper in 4K or 8K.

Is PABX Suitable For Your Company?

A PBX system would be the most obvious choice for business for the day to day communication. Now, many of the small business owners or startups might not be able to afford the top-of-the-line models. But any budding start-up or business with 3-10 employees can opt for a PBX system for as low as 250 – 300 bucks these days.

If your business needs more lines along with some of the advanced features, for example, the creation of a bridge or configuration of a fax server, you should go for a high-end model that would guarantee both quality and stability. But beware, only medium scale to multinational organisations are capable of handling the associated costs.

Choosing the Right Office Phone System in Singapore

A PABX system is preferred most of the time over a software phone for many reasons. Some of them are as follows…


PBX systems tend to be much more stable than their software counterparts in general. They are less prone to breakdown or downtime.


Another important aspect of using a PBX system is that they almost guarantee quality communication. As none of the voice or video signal goes outside the business premise, there is very little chance for getting the signal distorted.


You might not need it now, but what if you need more telephone lines as the business grows? As opposed to the software phone, a PBX based approach is much more systematic and scalable meaning you can quickly increase the capacity of the network without a fuss.


And last but certainly not the least, cost savings is another aspect of the PABX system. Although the initial investment might be on the higher side, it’s well worth investing as one would be able to get that back over the coming months. Besides, there are many budget-friendly PBX systems available out there solely for the small-scale organisations.

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Curious about our PABX system installation procedure? Here it goes.

The first step is the intel gathering. We try to accumulate and extract as much information as possible regarding your business needs.
The first step in the actual installation is to plan and lay the cables.
Next comes the extension part – we buy the phones that are best suited for your business.
And lastly, we buy the PBX system and install it. It’s most probably the essential task.

What’s Next For You ?

Okay, here are the steps that are needed to follow after you decide to get a PABX system.

The first thing you need is to contact a telecommunication company in your area that provides a connection.
Decide on the number of lines needed and subscribe to one of their packs.
Get the telephone numbers assigned to you.
We are simply a mail away should you require any help or advice at any stage. Don’t hesitate to contact us.
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