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CCTV Installation Singapore

Our CCTV Installation Procedure

Here is a short rundown of our installation procedure. Although our workflow is pretty flexible, we try to follow below best practices.

Site Survey

The first step involves an on-site study of the area you want to watch. At this stage, we try to gather the site details and your requirements. We need to know details like mounting locations, cabling path and electrical points.

Quote Preparation

After we complete the onsite visit, we proceed to prepare the quotation. We send the quote to you via email. If you have any queries with the quote, we are more than happy to answer your questions over the phone.

Payment Collection

Once you approved the quote, we proceed to collect the deposit. This payment is to secure your items with the distributor. Also, collecting the payment at this stage also helps reduce any fraud customers. Once our job completes, you make the outstanding payment.


Once you confirm on the camera locations, we proceed with the cabling task first. At this stage, we run the cables and trucking to link from the recorder to multiple cameras. These cables are RJ45, coaxial or electrical cables, depending on your cameras. We are mindful to hide the cabling as much as your area allows.

Mount Cameras

Now that all the cables are set up, we concentrate on the mounting job. We take special care when it comes to securing the mounting brackets on your beautiful wall. Finally, we install and power up the cameras.

User Training

We provide you with the proper knowledge for managing the surveillance system. It’s essential for you and your staff to learn how to operate a CCTV system. The training covers practical topics like:

– playback to a specific day & time of the event,
– accessing the live feed remotely,
– basic maintenance
– securing your CCTV system

Post Support

We understand it may take a while before you are familiar with the new systems. Give us a call when you need some clarification. We here to help you out. Moreover, we cover even hardware replacement during the one year warranty period. However, we won’t be able to provide hardware replacement for situations like:

lightning strikes
– unauthorized repairs
– misuse by customers
– frequent power failures
– any other activity not covered by warranty

Benefits of Getting a CCTV Company

After choosing the right camera, the next crucial step is ensuring professional installation. This ensures that getting CCTV maintenance services later is easy and straightforward. Here are some key factors to consider.

Picture Quality

CCTVs are visuals. You want a clear and sharp recording, correct? But what if your cameras are not able to capture the critical footage? Chances are, and in most of the cases found to be true, it’s the result of some DIY experiment. Often, it’s due to wrong mounting or wrong settings. But there is no such headache with a professional installation. If you need some help, an experienced CCTV contractor can solve the problem fast.


When you opt for a professional service, it’s fuss free. However, if you do it yourself, you have to get your hands dirty – from drilling, laying cables to playback. You may need to google or call the manufacturer to ask for more help. This self-installation demands a lot of time to complete.

Post Sales Support

If you had installed the cameras by yourself, the responsibility would be all yours. You will need to call the manufacturer, raise a ticket, wait and follow up. When the warranty is over, and the manufacturer may give you a high repair quote. With a professional installation, you always stay assured with quick post support.

Proper training

A good professional CCTV installation services provide user training. You need to know and understand how to handle and maintain the system. For example, view past recordings, common troubleshooting steps.

What We Don’t Do For CCTV Installation

We are more than happy to help you with the CCTV installation. However, there are certain things that we do NOT cover due to quality and security issues.
We do not install any system bought by the client. And that’s important as we only set up proven surveillance systems that we buy and test ourselves.
We also don’t install a wireless security system. We only work with wired CCTV. Why? We find that a wired system is more stable and reliable.

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