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Security Systems Singapore

What are Security Systems ?

When people think about security systems, they see a room with televisions with CCTV footage. These systems are more intricate than that. There are a few items that make up these types of security systems, including:


PABX System (needed for opening doors)

This type of system works together to give you the best protection possible.

How Does a Security System Work Together?

The different parts of a security system work together to give you total protection.

You can use a PABX system to check on people before allowing them into the office. With a door access system, only authorized people with key/biometric can enter into your office or store. The CCTV allows you to see everything that is going on in the place. If someone breaks in, the alarm will go off and you can check your cameras to see what is going on. Individually, these pieces make an incomplete security system.

Together, you get the most amount of protection for your business.

How Security System Work Together

How does this work together?

If you have door access, this will watch people who enter and leave your business. As you close, you lock this door and arm the door access. This way, if someone tries to break in, the alarm will go off.

Then, you get the alert.

Once you confirm that this is a break-in, you contact the police.

With the Hikvision camera, you can capture footage of the intruders in action on the CCTV system or even your phone. It’s a convenient way to protect your business.

And where should you place the system? You put the cameras at the entrance/exit of your business and where you place the valuables.

What Happens if Someone Breaks In?

When someone breaks in, your security system is triggered.

Depending on the system that you have, either you or the police get contacted. It’s better you get notified first.


So that you filter off any false alarm.

You place the IP cameras in the high traffic areas of your business and valuables. This setup helps you to capture the theft in action. You have a higher chance of recovering your losses for any stolen items.

What are the Advantages of a Security System?

There are several advantages to having a security system in your office or home. This section will take a look at the most important of these advantages.

Assists Your Law Enforcement

In case something bad does happen, a CCTV security system is essential to have. CCTV security systems work 24×7. You have a peace of mind that you can capture the culprits on camera. This footage is information that law enforcement can use to catch the culprits.

Keeps the Employees Honest

Cameras can deter theft from outside criminals. Do you know it keeps your employees honest too? Cameras can deter theft from employees and ensure that they act properly at work. Should an incident happen, the camera can provide you with the evidence. Hence, you can take the appropriate action.

Encourages Proper Behavior

Besides deterring crime, security systems also deter bad behaviour by employees or customers. On the other hand, it makes employees and customers feel safe. Because security systems can capture any wrongdoing by the other party.

Deterrence to Crime

Criminals want to go to places that are easy to get in and out. Hence, it’s crucial to get a complete security system. Especially if you have a storefront with visitors. Security systems deter criminals. Having a CCTV for office will reduce the risk at your company.


These are affordable solutions, but the cost of the systems isn’t all the only cost benefit of a CCTV system. Since these systems deter crime, you reduce the risk of theft at your company. This security system can reduce your insurance costs. Moreover, it protects you from the loss of merchandise and money. These can also prevent severe damage due to fires and vandalism.

Reduce Hazards

You can install the CCTV security system around the high-risk areas of your business. As soon as something happens, the cameras can quickly catch it. This setup allows you to act promptly to ensure the safety of your employees.

What Happens if You Don’t Have a Security System?

Without a security system in place, you put your company at a higher risk of problems. Because  your business becomes an easy target for crime.

You may even end up paying a lot more for insurance to protect your business since the unsecured place is a liability.

So many things can go wrong with your company. You should do whatever you can to protect your business.

CCTV security systems are affordable. They are convenient tools that offer peace of mind for your business.

If you don’t have one, you will worry that something can happen. Instead, stop worrying and invest in a security system.

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